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Biocleavable Polycationic Micelles as Highly Efficient Gene Delivery Vectors

Zhang, Min and Xue, Ya-Nan and Liu, Min and Zhuo, Ren-Xi and Huang, Shi-Wen (2010) Biocleavable Polycationic Micelles as Highly Efficient Gene Delivery Vectors. Nanoscale Research Letters, 5 (11). pp. 1804-1811.

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An amphiphilic disulfide-containing polyamidoamine was synthesized by Michael-type polyaddition reaction of piperazine to equimolar N, N'-bis(acryloyl)cystamine with 90% yield. The polycationic micelles (198 nm, 32.5 mV), prepared from the amphiphilic polyamidoamine by dialysis method, can condense foreign plasmid DNA to form nanosized polycationic micelles/DNA polyelectrolyte complexes with positive charges, which transfected 293T cells with high efficiency. Under optimized conditions, the transfection efficiencies of polycationic micelles/DNA complexes are comparable to, or even higher than that of commercially available branched PEI (Mw 25 kDa).

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