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Hydrothermally Processed Oxide Nanostructures and Their Lithiumaion Storage Properties

Ahn, Jung-Ho and Kim, Yong-Jin and Wang, Guoxiu (2010) Hydrothermally Processed Oxide Nanostructures and Their Lithiumaion Storage Properties. Nanoscale Research Letters, 5 (11). pp. 1841-1845.

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Y- and Si-based oxide nanopowders were synthesized by a hydrothermal reaction of Y or Si powders with NaOH or LiOH aqueous solution. Nanoparticles with different morphology such as elongated nanospheres, flower-like nanoparticles and nanowires were produced by a control of processing parameters, in particular, the starting composition of solution. The preliminary result of electrochemical examination showed that the hydrother-mally processed nanowires exhibit high initial capacities of Li-ion storage: 653 mAh/g for Y2O3 nanowires as anode materials and 186 mAh/g for Li2Si2O5 nanowires as cath-ode materials in a Li secondary cell. Compared to the powder with elongated sphere or flower-like shapes, the nanowires showed a higher Li-ion capacity and a better cycle property.

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