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Single step synthesis of magnesium ferrite nanocrystallites and some of its characteristics

Thant, A.A. and Sreekantan, S. and Pho , Kaung and Itoh, M. and Othman, R. and Ahmad Fauzi, M.N. (2010) Single step synthesis of magnesium ferrite nanocrystallites and some of its characteristics. International Journal of Nanoscience .

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The present study elucidates the synthesis of magnesium ferrite magnetic nanocrystallites via hydroxylation-condensation reaction followed by an auto-combustion process. Nanocrystallites with diameter of 3-7 nm were successfully formed via this method. The ignition temperature of the redox reaction was apparently improved to 200 degrees C by the modification of the pH of the metal aqueous solution. The crystallite size was altered by varying the hydrolysis parameters. The XRD analysis of the as-synthesized powder confirms the formation of a single-phase MgFe2O4 spinel structure. Importantly, the crystalline particles were obtained at low temperature without further calcination. The thermodynamic behavior of the precursor was characterized by DTA-TG. TEM observations showed the morphology and crystal structure of the nanocrystallites.

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