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Weatherability and Leach Resistance of Wood Impregnated with Nano-Zinc Oxide

Clausen, Carol A. and Green, Frederick and Nami Kartal, S. (2010) Weatherability and Leach Resistance of Wood Impregnated with Nano-Zinc Oxide. Nanoscale Research Letters, 5 (9). pp. 1464-1467.



Southern pine specimens vacuum-treated with nano-zinc oxide (nano-ZnO) dispersions were evaluated for leach resistance and UV protection. Virtually, no leaching occurred in any of the nano-ZnO–treated specimens in a laboratory leach test, even at the highest retention of 13 kg/m3. However, specimens treated with high concentrations of nano-ZnO showed 58–65% chemical depletion after 12 months of outdoor exposure. Protection from UV damage after 12 months exposure is visibly obvious on both exposed and unexposed surfaces compared to untreated controls. Graying was markedly diminished, although checking occurred in all specimens. Nano-zinc oxide treatment at a concentration of 2.5% or greater provided substantial resistance to water absorption following 12 months of outdoor exposure compared to untreated and unweathered southern pine. We conclude that nano-zinc oxide can be utilized in new wood preservative formulations to impart resistance to leaching, water absorption and UV damage of wood.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Nano-zinc, Nanometal, Leaching, Wood preservation, UV degradation
Subjects:Engineering > Nanotechnology applications in civil engineering
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