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Hemeida, Fahd Abd Elaziz Ahmed Omar (2010) Green Architecture. Masters thesis, University of Alexandria.

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This present thesis casts light on the recent remarkable development in discovering a novelty in the field of technology which has led to the emergence of nano technology. This has become connected with our daily life starting from turbo micro-computer, stain-resistant clothes to the treatment of cancer patients. The manufacture of many of the products on the market depends on nano technology. it is noteworthy that most of the products make the optimum use of acknowledged technology such as scratch- and dust-proof surface .The coming decades are expected to witness an enormous,amazing breakthrough in this technology. The thesis is divided into three parts which review this topic in a serial,scientific method. It starts with the definition of nano technology, what it has introduced to man, and its effects on architecture and the present-day architect's thought. It is summarized as follows: 1. Nano technology: Many novelties are discovered as a result of the scientific research and the continuous development in the field of technology. This helps create a better life for mankind. With this in view,the first chapter discusses the definition of the word nano and then the minute measurements using the nano units scale. The discovery of these minute particles has led to scientific research in nano science. This,in turn, has resulted in the emergence of nano technology. Due to its properties and resultant advantages, this technology has run its course in all fields of life. 2. Nano architecture: Nano architecture combines nano technology with architecture and its versatile effects. This chapter is concerned with the influence of the discovery of nano technology on architecture as well as on the thought of the architect . Nano technology has its influence on properties of substances and energy. This ,in turn,has led to a remarkable influence in the methods of thinking and architectural designs. A review has been made of these differences and enquires concerning any potential risks or side-effects that may hurt man and the environment. All this urges us to be on our guard .The architectural development in nano technology should create continuity. 3. Green nano architecture: Fear of nano technology has led to taking precautions against its side-effects on man and the environment. Hence,the importance of the approach of and the insistence on continuity in the employment of new technology in the field of architecture so as to make the green nano architecture a guarantee for benefiting from nano technology and for avoiding its side- effects on society and the environment. This oriented research has led to promising results for a better future for architecture. These results appear in designing,for whole cities,such as Nano city,have been built on the basis of this technology. It has its effects on the building materials , decoration and energy. This appears in the energy-producing materials. Hence, the achievement of the ends of nano technology and the long- lasting buildings. This ensures a better future for architecture.

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