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Novel storage and tunable light source generated by a soliton pulse in a micro ring resonator system

Siriritha, W. and Mitathaa, W. and Mitathaa, S. and Yupapin, P.P. (2010) Novel storage and tunable light source generated by a soliton pulse in a micro ring resonator system. Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics . ISSN 0030-4026 (In Press)

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We propose a novel system of a dense wavelength division operation using the nonlinear micro ring resonators system that can be used to generate the broad output light spectra, whereas the significant increasing in channel capacity is obtained. A system consists of two micro and a nano ring resonators incorporating an add/drop filter that can be integrated into a single system. The large bandwidth signal is generated by using a soliton pulse propagating within a Kerr type nonlinear medium. The obtained results have shown the potential of using such a system for broadband light source generation, amplification, storage and regeneration, whereas the amplified signals can be stored within a nano-waveguide, which is allowed to form the regeneration of the broad light spectra after amplification. The advantage is that the specific wavelength of the broadband source, for instance, 1.50 μm can provide the super dense wavelength division multiplexing channels, whereas the increasing in channel capacity of 10,000 times is achieved.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Storage light source; Tunable light source; Dense light source; Dense soliton pulse
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