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Formation and optical properties of ZnO:ZnFe2O4 superlattice microwires

Li, Yun and Dai, Guozhang and Zhou, Chunjiao and Zhang, Qinglin and Wan, Qiang and Fu, Limin and Zhang, Jianping and Liu, Ruibin and Cao, Chuanbao and Pan, Anlian and Zhang, Yunhong and Zou, Bingsuo (2010) Formation and optical properties of ZnO:ZnFe2O4 superlattice microwires. Nano Research, 3 (5). pp. 326-338.

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Pure ZnO hexagonal microwires and Fe(III)-doped ZnO microwires (MWs) with a novel rectangular cross section were synthesized in a confined chamber by a convenient one-step thermal evaporation method. An oriented attachment mechanism is consistent with a vapor-solid growth process. Photoluminescence (PL) and Raman spectroscopy of the Fe(III)-doped ZnO MWs and in situ spectral mappings indicate a quasi-periodic distribution of Fe(III) along a one-dimensional (1-D) superlattice ZnO:ZnFe2O4 wire, while PL mapping shows the presence of optical multicavities and related multimodes. The PL spectra at room temperature show weak near-edge doublets (376 nm and 383 nm) and a broad band (450–650 nm) composed of strong discrete lines, due to a 1-D photonic crystal structure. Such a 1-D coupled optical cavity material may find many applications in future photonic and spintronic devices.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:ZnO - superlattice microwire - micro-photoluminescence - micro-Raman spectroscopy
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