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Microwave-assisted fractional precipitation of magnetite nanoparticles using designed experiments

Edrissi Mohammadand Norouzbeigi, Reza (2010) Microwave-assisted fractional precipitation of magnetite nanoparticles using designed experiments. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 12 (4). pp. 1231-1238.

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In this study, highly pure magnetite nanoparticle dispersed in water and an organic solvent (n-hexane) and its powder form were prepared in laboratory scale by the fractional precipitation using ammonium hydroxide and microwave heating in the presence of linoleic acid as capping agent. In order to overcome the oxidation of Fe2+ during magnetite formation ferrous ammonium sulfate, sodium azide, and fractional precipitation technique were used. The Fe3O4 products were investigated by XRD, LLS, EDX, TEM, viscosity measurements, and chemical analysis. The effects of seven main factors on the average diameter of magnetite particles were studied by a screening design. The analysis of the samples showed that this new modified method is able to produce pure magnetite particles in the range of 1-15 nm. The most important factors on the particle size reduction of magnetite were found to be the capping agent used and the pH of solution at the end of precipitation process. Data analysis was performed using Qualitek-4 and Minitab softwares.

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