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Ultraviolet photoconductance of a single hexagonal WO3 nanowire

Huang, Kai and Zhang, Qing and Yang, Feng and He, Deyan (2010) Ultraviolet photoconductance of a single hexagonal WO3 nanowire. Nano Research, 3 (4). pp. 281-287.



The ultraviolet (UV) photoconductance properties of a single hexagonal WO3 nanowire have been studied systematically. The conductance of WO3 nanowires is very sensitive to ultraviolet B light and a field-effect transistor (FET) nanodevice incorporating a single WO3 nanowire exhibits excellent sensitivity, reversibility, and wavelength selectivity. A high photoconductivity gain suggests that WO3 nanowires can be used as the sensing element for UV photodetectors. Measurements under UV light in vacuum show that the adsorption and desorption of oxygen molecules on the surface of the WO3 nanowire can significantly influence its photoelectrical properties. The WO3 nanowires have potential applications in biological sensors, optoelectronic devices, optical memory, and other areas.

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