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Energy Conversion: Nano Solar Cell

Yahaya, Muhammad and Yap, Chi Chin and Salleh, Muhamad Mat (2009) Energy Conversion: Nano Solar Cell. INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ADVANCED MATERIAL FOR NEW AND RENEWABLE ENERGY, 1169 . ISSN 0094-243X

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Problems of fossil-fuel-induced climate change have sparked a demand for sustainable energy supply for all sectors of economy. Most laboratories continue to search for new materials and new technique to generate clean energy at affordable cost. Nanotechnology can play a major role in solving the energy problem. The prospect for solar energy using Si-based technology is not encouraging. Si photovoltaics can produce electricity at 20-30 cent/kWhr with about 25% efficiency. Nanoparticles have a strong capacity to absorb light and generate more electrons for current as discovered in the recent work of organic and dye-sensitized cell. Using cheap preparation technique such as screen-printing and self-assembly growth, organic cells shows a strong potential for commercialization. Thin Films research group at National University Malaysia has been actively involved in these areas, and in this seminar, we will present a review works on nanomaterials for solar cells and particularly on hybrid organic solar cell based on ZnO nanorod arrays. The organic layer consisting of poly[2-methoxy-5-(2-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene] (MEHPPV) and [6,6]-phenyl C61-butyric acid 3-ethylthiophene ester (PCBE) was spin-coated on ZnO nanorod arrays. ZnO nanorod arrays were grown on FTO glass substrates which were pre-coated with ZnO nanoparticles using a low temperature chemical solution method. A gold electrode was used as the top contact. The device gave a short circuit current density of 2.49 x 10(-4) mA/cm(2) and an open circuit voltage of 0.45 V under illumination of a projector halogen light at 100 mW/cm(2).

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Additional Information:International Workshop on Advanced Material for New and Renewable Energy Jakarta, INDONESIA, JUN 09-11, 2009 ASEAN Subcomm Mat Sci & Tecnol; Subcomm Nonconvent Energy Res
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