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Reaction of Water-Stable C-60 aggregates with ozone

Fortner, John D. and Kim, Doo-IL and Boyd, Adina M. and Falkner, Joshua C. and Moran, Sean and Colvin, Vicki L. and Hughes, Joseph B. and Kim, Jae-Hong (2007) Reaction of Water-Stable C-60 aggregates with ozone. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 41 (21). pp. 7497-7502.

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While the reactivity of C-60 has been described in a variety of organic solvents, little information is available regarding aqueous-based reactions due to solubility limitations. In this study, a reaction between C-60, as a nanoscale suspension, and dissolved ozone in the aqueous phase was investigated. Findings indicate a facile reaction occurs, resulting in aggregate dissolution concurrent with formation of watersoluble fullerene oxide species. Product analyses, including C-13 NMR, MS (LDI), FTIR, UV-Vis, and XPS, indicate highly oxidized fullerene with an average of similar to 29 oxygen additions per molecule, arranged in repeating hydroxyl and hemiketal functionalities. These findings are significant in that they (1) demonstrate the feasibility of other aqueous-based fullerene chemistries, including those for alternative synthesis routes, which might otherwise be considered prohibitive on the basis,of solubility limitations, and (2) imply that the aqueous reactivity of fullerene-based materials must be considered appropriately for accurate assessment of their transport, fate, and potential risk(s) in environmental systems.

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