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Cellular uptake and transport of gold nanoparticles incorporated in a liposomal carrier

Chithrani, Devika B. and Dunne, Michael and Stewart, James and Allen, Christine and Jaffray, David A. (2010) Cellular uptake and transport of gold nanoparticles incorporated in a liposomal carrier. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 6 (1). 161 - 169.

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Recent interest in using gold nanoparticles (Au NPs) for therapy in radiation medicine has motivated development of a liposome-based system to enhance their delivery to cells. In this study, liposomes were demonstrated to perform like a “Trojan Horse” to deliver small (1.4 nm) Au NPs into tumor cells by overcoming the energetically unfavorable endocytosis process for small NPs. The results reveal that the liposomal approach provides a thousand-fold enhancement in the cellular uptake of the small Au NPs. Real-time intracellular tracking of the Au NP–liposomes revealed an average speed of 12.48 ± 3.12 μm/hr for their intracellular transport. Analysis of the time-dependent intracellular spatial distribution of the Au NP–liposomes demonstrated that they reside in lysosomes (final degrading organelles) within 40 minutes of incubation. Knowledge gained in these studies opens the door to pursuing liposomes as a viable strategy for delivery of Au NPs in radiation therapy applications.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Cell uptake; Gold nanoparticles; Intracellular transport; Liposomes
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