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Thermal and optical investigation of EuF3-doped lead fluorogermanate glasses

Bensalem, C and Mortier, M and Vivien, D and Diaf, M (2010) Thermal and optical investigation of EuF3-doped lead fluorogermanate glasses. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 356 (1). 56 - 64.

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Europium-doped lead germanate and lead fluorogermanate glasses are studied by using differential thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, photoluminescence and fluorescence lifetimes measurements of the 5Dj, j = 0, 1, 2 levels. PbF2 addition increases the thermal stability of the lead germanate glass, while Eu3+ ions promote the crystallization of β-PbF2:Eu3+ nano-crystals embedded in a glassy matrix. In the lead fluorogermanate glasses, Eu3+ ions exhibit a strong affinity for F− ions although oxygen ions are much more numerous. It appears that luminescence concentration quenching is not important, while cross relaxation is very efficient in the glasses. The results allow to propose for these glasses a molecular model in which small fluorine rich island, incorporating the Eu3+ ions in low symmetry sites, are separated from each other by chains of germanate (GeO4)4− ions linked together.

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