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Shape control of CoO and LiCoO2 nanocrystals

Wang, Dingsheng and Ma, Xiaoling and Wang, Yanggang and Wang, Li and Wang, Zhongying and Zheng, Wen and He, Xiangming and Li, Jun and Peng, Qing and Li, Yadong (2010) Shape control of CoO and LiCoO2 nanocrystals. Nano Research, 3 (1). pp. 1-7.


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Shape control of nanocrystals has become a significant subject in materials science. In this work, we describe a convenient way to achieve morphology-controllable synthesis of CoO nanocrystals including octahedrons and spheres as well as LiCoO2 polyhedrons and spheres. In particular, we explain the formation of CoO octahedrons exposing only high-energy (111) facets using theoretical calculations; these should also be a useful tool for directing future face-controlled preparation of other nanocrystals. More importantly, the as-obtained LiCoO2 nanocrystals showed different electrochemical performance depending on their morphology, indicating that Li-insertion/deintercalation dynamics might be crystal face-sensitive.

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