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Heat transfer enhancement of nanofluids in car radiator

Putra, N. and Maulana, S. (2008) Heat transfer enhancement of nanofluids in car radiator. In: 7th JSME-KSME Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference. TFEC 2008.

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Improvement of the thermal properties of energy transmission fluids may become a trick of augmenting heat transfer. An innovative way of improving the thermal properties of fluids is to suspend small solid particles in the fluids. These fluids are called nanofluids. They are dispersions of nanoparticles in liquids that are permanently suspended by Brownian motion. Some researchers tried to suspend nanoparticles into fluids to form high effective heat transfer fluids. They shown that this new fluids has a great potential to meet the increased demand of heat removal in heat transfer technology. In order to use nanofluids as applicative and commercial fluids, further advanced research in forced convection mechanism of these fluids must be conducted. The measurement of forced convective coefficient on nanofluids is carried out by using car radiator in cross flow arrangement. Water-based nanofluids containing A^03 nano particles 1 % and 4% have been investigated. The result shows the enhancement of heat transfer convective coefficient compared to the base fluids: 31-48% for 1% particles concentration and 52-79% for 4% particles concentration. The rate of increase of enhancement shows a dramatic increase with elevated temperature (50-70 degrees C).

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