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Fabrication of TiO2 thick film for photocatalyst from commercial TiO2 powder

Asteti, S. Fuji and Syarif, D. Gustaman (2008) Fabrication of TiO2 thick film for photocatalyst from commercial TiO2 powder. In: NEUTRON AND X-RAY SCATTERING IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND BIOLOGY - AIP CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS.

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Photocatalytic activity of TiO2 thick film ceramics made of commercial TiO2 powder has been studied. The TiO2 powder was nano sized one that was derived from dried TiO2 suspension. The TiO2 suspension was made by pouring some blended commercial TiO2 powder into some amount of water. The paste of TiO2 was made by mixing the nano sized TiO2 powder with organic vehicle and glass frit. The paste was spread on a glass substrate. The paste was dried at 1000 degrees C and heated at different temperatures (400 degrees C and 500 degrees C) for 60 minutes to produce thick film ceramics. The photocatalytic activity of these films was evaluated by measuring the concentration of a solution of methylene blue where the thick films were inside after being illuminated by UV light at various periods of times. The initial concentration of the methylene blue solution was 5 ppm. Structural analyses were carried out by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The XRD analyses showed that the produced thick film ceramic had mainly crystal structure of anatase. According to the photocatalytical data, it was known that the produced thick film ceramics were photocatalyst which were capable of decomposing an organic compound such as the methylene blue.

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