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Infectious prion protein in the filtrate even after 15nm filtration

Yunoki, Mikihiro and Tanaka , Hiroyuki and Urayama, , Takeru and Kanai , Yuta and Nishida , Aya and Yoshikawa , Maki and Ohkubo, , Yuji and Kawabata, Yoshiyasu, and Hagiwara , Katsuro and Ikuta, Kazuyoshi (2009) Infectious prion protein in the filtrate even after 15nm filtration. Biologicals . ISSN 0021-9517 (In Press)

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The evaluation of the removal efficacy during manufacturing is important for the risk assessment of plasma products with respect to possible contamination by infectious prions, as recently reported in several papers on the potential for prion transmission through plasma products. Here, we evaluated a virus removal filter which has 15 nm pores. An antithrombin sample immediately prior to nano-filtration was spiked with prion material prepared in two different ways. The removal (log reduction factor) of prion infectivity using animal bioassays was ≥4.72 and 4.00 in two independent filtrations. However, infectivity was detected in both the pellet and supernatant following ultracentrifugation of the 15 nm filtered samples, indicating difficulty in complete removal. The data supports the conclusion that a certain amount of infectious prion protein is present as a smaller and/or soluble form (less than 15 nm in diameter).

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Prion; Removal; Infectivity; Virus removal filter; Soluble form
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