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Magnetic Cu-Ni (core-shell) nanoparticles in a one-pot reaction under microwave irradiation

Yamauchi, Tomohisa and Tsukahara, Yasunori and Sakata , Takao and Mori, Hirotaro and Yanagida, Takeshi and Kawai, Tomoji (2010) Magnetic Cu-Ni (core-shell) nanoparticles in a one-pot reaction under microwave irradiation. nanoscale .

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We successfully prepared face-centered cubic (fcc) Cu-Ni (core-shell) nanoparticles by intramolecular reduction of formate complexes of Cu2+ and Ni2+ with long-chain amine ligands in a one-pot reaction within an extremely short time realized only under microwave irradiation. Observation by an HAADF-STEM technique showed that the nanostructure in one particle consisted of a Ni-rich shell and a Cu-rich core. Cu4Ni6 nanoparticles with an average size of 11.7 nm were comprised of a Cu core with a diameter of ca. 6.0 nm, a Ni shell ca. 1.6 nm thick and a 0.9 nm thick interlayer of mixed Cu-Ni alloy between the Cu core and the Ni shell. Both the oxidation characteristics and the magnetic properties were dramatically affected by the molar ratios of Cu : Ni in the Cu-Ni nanoparticles. The magnetization of Cu3Ni7 and Cu4Ni6 comprised of a diamagnetic Cu-rich core, ferromagnetic Ni-rich shell and antiferromagnetic NiO-rich layer on the particle surface showed an exchange bias (209 and 143 Oe, respectively).

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