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Preparation of nano-chitosan Schiff-base copper complexes and their anticancer activity

Wang, RM and He, NP and Song, PF and He, YF and Ding, L and Lei, ZQ (2009) Preparation of nano-chitosan Schiff-base copper complexes and their anticancer activity. POLYMERS FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES . ISSN 1042-7147

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A new kind of nano-chitosan Schiff-base Cu complexes with particle sizes of 350 nm were prepared by combination of nano-chitosan, Cu and Schiff-base, and characterized by FT-IR spectra, TEM, DLS and elemental analysis. The modes and mechanism of interaction of the copper complexes with DNA were studied by the fluorescent probe method and electrophoresis analysis. The results suggest that the Cu complexes bound to DNA by electrostatic and intercalation modes. The anticancer activity of the Cu complexes was evaluated by Sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay in vitro. Nano-chitosan and their Schiff-base Cu complexes inhibited the growth of the liver cancer cell lines SMMC-7721 in vitro. The inhibition rate of Schiff-base Cu complexes was higher than that of nano-chitosan. Nano-chitosan combining with Schiff-base and Cu improved their anticancer activity, which ascribed to the synergistic effect between the chitosan matrix and the planar construction of the Cu complexes.

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