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Development of Lithium-ion Battery as Energy Storage for Mobile Power Sources Applications

Sulaiman, Mohd Ali and Hasan, Hasimah (2009) Development of Lithium-ion Battery as Energy Storage for Mobile Power Sources Applications. INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ADVANCED MATERIAL FOR NEW AND RENEWABLE ENERGY , 1169 . ISSN 0094-243X

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In view of the need to protect the global environment and save energy, there has been strong demand for the development of lithium-ion battery technology as a energy storage system, especially for Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) and electric vehicles (EV) applications. The R&D trend in the lithium-ion battery development is toward the high power and energy density, cheaper in price and high safety standard. In our laboratory, the research and development of lithium-ion battery technology was mainly focus to develop high power density performance of cathode material, which is focusing to the Li-metal-oxide system, LiMO2, where M = Co, Ni, Mn and its combination. The nano particle size material, which has irregular particle shape and high specific surface area was successfully synthesized by self propagating combustion technique. As a result the energy density and power density of the synthesized materials are significantly improved. In addition, we also developed variety of sizes of lithium-ion battery prototype, including (i) small size for electronic gadgets such as mobile phone and PDA applications, (ii) medium size for remote control toys and power tools applications and (iii) battery module for high power application such as electric bicycle and electric scooter applications. The detail performance of R&D in advanced materials and prototype development in AMREC, SIRIM Berhad will be discussed in this paper.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Energy Storage System; Lithium-ion Battery; Nano Materials; Light Electric Vehicle
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