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Economic assessment of single-walled carbon nanotube processes

Isaacs, J. A. and Tanwani, A. and Healy, M. L. and Dahlben, L. J. (2010) Economic assessment of single-walled carbon nanotube processes. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 12 (2). pp. 551-562.



The carbon nanotube market is steadily growing and projected to reach <span class='mathrm'>1.9 billion by 2010. This study examines the economics of manufacturing single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) using process-based cost models developed for arc, CVD, and HiPco processes. Using assumed input parameters, manufacturing costs are calculated for 1 g SWNT for arc, CVD, and HiPco, totaling </span>1,906, <span class='mathrm'>1,706, and </span>485, respectively. For each SWNT process, the synthesis and filtration steps showed the highest costs, with direct labor as a primary cost driver. Reductions in production costs are calculated for increased working hours per day and for increased synthesis reaction yield (SRY) in each process. The process-based cost models offer a means for exploring opportunities for cost reductions, and provide a structured system for comparisons among alternative SWNT manufacturing processes. Further, the models can be used to comprehensively evaluate additional scenarios on the economics of environmental, health, and safety best manufacturing practices.

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