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Microwave technique applied to the hydrothermal synthesis and sintering of calcia stabilized zirconia nanoparticles

Rizzuti, Antonino and Corradi, Anna and Leonelli, Cristina and Rosa, Roberto and Pielaszek, Roman and Lojkowski, Witold (2009) Microwave technique applied to the hydrothermal synthesis and sintering of calcia stabilized zirconia nanoparticles. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 12 (1). pp. 327-335. ISSN 1388-0764 (Print) 1572-896X (Online)

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This study is focused on the synthesis of zirconia nanopowders stabilized by 6%mol calcia prepared under hydrothermal conditions using microwave technology. Sodium hydroxide-based hydrolysis of zirconyl chloride solution containing calcium nitrate followed by microwave irradiation at the temperature of 220 °C for 30 min was sufficient to obtain white powders of crystalline calcia stabilized zirconia. By means of X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy, it was shown that tetragonal zirconia nanocrystallites with a size of ca 7 nm and diameter/standard deviation ratio of 0.10 were formed. The effects of the [Ca2+] and [NaOH] as well as temperature and time of microwave irradiation on the density and specific surface area were evaluated. Sintering test of the tetragonal nanopowders at 1,300 °C in air was performed in a monomode microwave applicator. The sample was sintered to the density of 95% and the grain size, analyzed by field emission scanning electron microscopy, was in the range from 90 to 170 nm.

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