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Nanopumping molecules via a carbon nanotube

Chen, Min and Zang, Ji and Xiao, Dingquan and Zhang, C. and Liu, Feng (2009) Nanopumping molecules via a carbon nanotube. Nano Research, 2 (12). pp. 938-944.



We demonstrate the feasibility of using a carbon nanotube to nanopump molecules. Molecular dynamics simulations show that the transport and ejection of a C20 molecule via a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) can be achieved by a sustained mechanical actuation driven by two oscillating tips. The optimal condition for nanopumping is found when the tip oscillation frequency and magnitude correlate to form quasi steady-state mechanical wave propagation in the SWNT, so that the energy transfer process is optimal leading to maximal molecular translational motion and minimal rotational motion. Our finding provides a potentially useful mechanism for using an SWNT as a vehicle to deliver large drug molecules.

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