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A novel system for optically localized soliton pulse in a nano-waveguide

Pornsuwancharoen, N and Amnuaykarn, K and Yupapin, P. (2009) A novel system for optically localized soliton pulse in a nano-waveguide. Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics . ISSN 0030-4026 (In Press)

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We propose a novel optical system that can be used to trap (store) light coherently. The system consists of two micro and a nano-ring resonators that can be integrated into a single system, which can be employed to generate the large bandwidth by a soliton pulse within a Kerr type nonlinear medium. The balance between dispersion and nonlinear lengths of the soliton pulse exhibits the soliton behavior known as self-phase modulation, which introduces the optical output (i.e. gain) constant, which means that light pulse can be trapped, i.e. localized coherently within the nano-waveguide. The time independent soliton pulse is adiabatically localized within the nano-ring device. Results obtained have shown that the trapping of the localized temporal and spatial soliton pulses is achieved.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Localized soliton; Stop light; Store light; Optical memory; Quantum memory
Subjects:Engineering > Nanotechnology applications in civil engineering
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