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Hypercrosslinked polystyrene: The first nanoporous polymeric material

Tsyurupa, M. and Blinnikova, Z. and Proskurina, N. and Pastukhov, A. and Pavlova, L. and Davankov, V. (2009) Hypercrosslinked polystyrene: The first nanoporous polymeric material. Nanotechnologies in Russia, 4 . pp. 665-675.

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The principles of synthesis-the structural and distinctive features of hypercrosslinked polystyrene-are described. The material is obtained by intensely crosslinking the solvated polystyrene chains with rigid bridging spacers. The resulting single-phase open-worked elastic network can be considerably deformed upon swelling or the application of an external force. The huge free volume in the rigid hypercrosslinked network, which is essentially a porosity of a new type, is formed by interchain nanosized cavities (1.5-3 nm). The complete availability of the interior structure of hypercrosslinked polystyrene for low-molecular-weight compounds and the considerable uncompensated force field of polymer chains separated by spacers determines the excellent adsorption properties of the material. Several processes that are possible only due to the use of nanoporous hypercrosslinked polystyrene as a sorbent for chromatography or a matrix for preparing nanocomposites are briefly described in the paper.

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