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Sensors are Getting Smaller, More Functional and Smart

E.S., Gornev (2009) Sensors are Getting Smaller, More Functional and Smart. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (5).

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High level of industrial automation needs great number of different sensors to control the process, to state deviations and to manage it. The trends of research development, manufacture and market of sensors are given on the basis of leading international consulting companies analysis. MEMSs and sensors also need twenty five year cycle of work from the very beginning till commercialization. The definite infrastructure is created due to sensors, which supports their effective use. Their evolution passed the following stages: monofunctional, multifunctional, wireless and nonvolatile sensors. At the same time the work for to build-in sensors to management systems is carried out. At first sensors were developed for control systems, for measurement, for transport; today they are widely used in consumer goods, in life-support systems. In its turn this process demanded sensors for smart systems. The principles of modern sensors development are listed. In sensors on the base of MEMS it is important to take into consideration solid-state physics, resistance of material, hydraulics, aerodynamics and so on. The proposals on creation of domestic programme of MEMS and sensors development are presented. For de­velopment of MEMS and ther main part-sensors it is necessary to make significant improvements: in organi­zation and coordination work, marketing, standards, foundation of life-support system to get investments, proffits.

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