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A suggested three-tiered approach to assessing the implications of nanotechnology and influencing its development

von Gleich, Arnim and Steinfeldt, Michael and Petschow, Ulrich (2008) A suggested three-tiered approach to assessing the implications of nanotechnology and influencing its development. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 16 (8-9). pp. 899-909.

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Technology assessment analyzes predicted or to-be-anticipated positive and negative effects of technologies, processes, and products using a well-established set of methods, including cost-benefit analysis, risk analysis, (eco-) toxicology, and life cycle assessment (LCA). These methods unfortunately require detailed information not only about the technology being investigated but also about the specific situation or application. In the case of an emerging technology such as nanotechnology, such information is generally lacking; therefore, a prospective assessment of nanotechnologies (opportunities as well as hazards) must find ways to adequately deal with the unknown. Striving to meet this challenge, we developed a three-tiered approach: 1. Technology characterization: Prospective assessment of nanotechnologies with respect to opportunities and hazards with a focus on the technology itself (in analogy to substance characterization in toxicology). 2. Eco-profiles: Evaluation of eco- and resource-efficiency potentials by application of life cycle assessment methods (extrapolating) to typical applications and comparison with existing products and processes. 3. Orientation through Leitbilder: Influencing the development of technologies, processes, and products through discursive explication of existing Leitbilder or vision statements that integrate the aspects of health, safety, and environment. (c) 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:nanotechnology; prospective technology assessment; hazard; resource efficiency; eco-profiles; Leitbild
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