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Assembly of a magnetic polyoxometalate on SWNTs

Charron, Gaëlle and Giusti, Anna and Mazerat, Sandra and Mialane, Pierre and Gloter, Alexandre and Miserque, Frédéric and Keita, Bineta and Nadjo, Louis and Filoramo, Arianna and Rivière, Eric and Wernsdorfer, Wolfgang and Huc, Vincent and Bourgoin, Jean-Philippe and Mallah, Talal (2009) Assembly of a magnetic polyoxometalate on SWNTs. nanoscale .

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Recently, the organisation of magnetic molecules on carbon nanotubes has raised much interest due to their possible interesting contribution to molecular spintronics. In this paper, we describe the assembly on SWNTs of a magnetic polyoxometalate encompassing a single cobalt ion (CoPOM) and its isostructural diamagnetic zinc analogue (ZnPOM). The simple magnetic behaviour of CoPOM and the availability of its diamagnetic counterpart render these POM@NTs systems interesting model compounds for the study of molecular electronics devices based on carbon nanotubes and magnetic molecules. The success and rate of the grafting have been investigated by electron microscopy, electron energy loss spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry, Raman scattering and magnetisation measurements. These characterisations altogether demonstrate the preservation of the structural and magnetic properties of the molecules upon functionalisation and the existence of an electronic communication between the molecules and the nanotubes.

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