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Solution Grown Se/Te Nanowires: Nucleation, Evolution, and The Role of Triganol Te seeds

Tao, Hong and Shan, Xudong and Yu, Dapeng and Liu, Hongmei and Qin, Donghuan and Cao, Yong (2009) Solution Grown Se/Te Nanowires: Nucleation, Evolution, and The Role of Triganol Te seeds. Nanoscale Research Letters, 4 (9). pp. 963-970.

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We have studied the nucleation and growth of Se–Te nanowires (NWs), with different morphologies, grown by a chemical solution process. Through systematic characterization of the Se–Te NW morphology as a function of the Te nanocrystallines (NCs) precursor, the relative ratio between Se and Te, and the growth time, a number of significant insights into Se–Te NW growth by chemical solution processes have been developed. Specifically, we have found that: (i) the growth of Se–Te NWs can be initiated from either long or short triganol Te nanorods, (ii) the frequency of proximal interactions between nanorod tips and the competition between Se and Te at the end of short Te nanorods results in V-shaped structures of Se–Te NWs, the ratio between Se and Te having great effect on the morphology of Se–Te NWs, (iii) by using long Te nanorods as seeds, Se–Te NWs with straight morphology were obtained. Many of these findings on Se–Te NW growth can be further generalized and provide very useful information for the rational synthesis of group VI based semiconductor NW compounds.

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