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FTIR study of Ni, Cu and Zn substituted nano-particles of MgFe2O4

Pradeep, A and Chandrasekaran, G (2006) FTIR study of Ni, Cu and Zn substituted nano-particles of MgFe2O4. Materials Letters, 60 (3). 371 - 374.

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Nano-particles of polycrystalline M0.5Mg0.5Fe2O4 are prepared using sol-gel method with M = Ni, Cu and Zn. They are obtained as dried gel after the successful chemical reaction of their respective metal nitrate solutions in the midst of citric acid as catalyst. Synthesis of materials is confirmed using XRD from the report of single phase polycrystalline ferrite material. Their corresponding reflection planes are also determined. Lattice constant and particle size are determined for these materials. Cu and Zn mixed ferrites have more values of lattice constant as they are bigger ions than Ni. Particle size is observed to decrease by substitution of Cu to Zn. The estimation of cation distribution is done. The dried powder of these nano-ferrites is subjected to VSM measurements and FTIR characterization. The magnetic moment values are determined and the theoretical calculation of them is done for proposed cation distribution. FTIR frequency data for the respective sites are analyzed. The higher frequency band (v1) and lower frequency band (v2) are assigned to the tetrahedral and octahedral complexes. The values of force constant (KA, KB) have been calculated from IR band frequency data. The difference in the trends of bond length and force constant in comparison to frequency and moment data are able to elucidate the role of crystal field effect.

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