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Preparation and Al3+ enhanced photoluminescence properties of CaTiO3:Pr3+

Tang, Jinfeng and Yu, Xibin and Yang, Liangzhun and Zhou, Chunlei and Peng, Xiudong (2006) Preparation and Al3+ enhanced photoluminescence properties of CaTiO3:Pr3+. Materials Letters, 60 (3). 326 - 329.

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A enhanced photoluminescence red phosphor of CaTi1−xO3:Pr3+,Al3+x has been synthesized using nano-TiO2 aerogel, Al(NO3)3, Pr(NO3)3, CaCO3 as the starting material in ethanol solution by liquid–solid state reaction and high temperature sintering method. The synthesizing conditions have been optimized in this work. The phosphor consists of aggregates of about 500–1000 nm in diameter with observable porosity and has characteristic of the distorted orthorhombic form of perovskite-type calcium titanate. The red emission is attributed to 1D2 → 3H4 transition of Pr3+, and the excited energy comes from the UV absorption of host and transfers to 4f–5d band of Pr3+. Addition of Al3+ intensifies PL emission remarkably and optimal range of concentration of Al3+ is 815 mol%. Charge compensation eliminates more charge defects by incorporating with Al3+ and enhances PL.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Luminescence; Perovskite; Pr; Al; Dope
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