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Fabrication and characterization of montmorillonite clay-filled SC-15 epoxy

Zhou, Yuanxin and Pervin, Farhana and Biswas, Mohammad A and Rangari, Vijaya K and Jeelani, Shaik (2006) Fabrication and characterization of montmorillonite clay-filled SC-15 epoxy. Materials Letters, 60 (7). 869 - 873.

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In the present investigation, we have developed a novel technique to fabricate nanocomposite materials containing SC-15 epoxy resin and K-10 montmorillonite clay. A high-intensity ultrasonic liquid processor was used to obtain a homogeneous molecular mixture of epoxy resin and nano-clay. The clays were infused into the part A of SC-15 (Diglycidylether of Bisphenol A) through sonic cavitations and then mixed with part B of SC-15 (cycloaliphatic amine hardener) using a high-speed mechanical agitator. The trapped air and reaction volatiles were removed from the mixture using high-vacuum. DMA, TGA and three-point bending tests were performed on unfilled, 1 wt.%, 2 wt.%, 3 wt.% and 4 wt.% clay-filled SC-15 epoxy to identify the loading effect on thermal and mechanical properties of the composites. The flexural results indicate that 2.0 wt.% loading of clay in epoxy resin showed the highest improvement in flexural strength as compared to the neat system. DMA studies also revealed that 2.0 wt.% doped system exhibit the highest storage modulus and Tg as compared to neat and other loading percentages. However, TGA results show that thermal stability of composite is insensitive to the clay content.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Thermal and mechanical properties; K-10 montmorillonite clay; Epoxy
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