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The optical properties of ZnO sheets electrodeposited on ITO glass

Wang, Feifei and Liu, Ruibin and Pan, Anlian and Cao, Li and Cheng, Ke and Xue, Bofei and Wang, Geng and Meng, Qingbo and Li, Jinghong and Li, Qi and Wang, Yanguo and Wang, Taihong and Zou, Bingsuo (2007) The optical properties of ZnO sheets electrodeposited on ITO glass. Materials Letters, 61 (10). 2000 - 2003.

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Large-scale hexagonal ZnO sheets were grown on ITO glass by cathodic electrodeposition in an aqueous zinc nitrate/potassium chloride solution at 60 °C and annealing at 350 °C for an hour. The sheets are about 3 μm in dimension and 100–300 nm in thickness. The ZnO sheets show many nano-pits on the surface and produce intense green luminescence at room temperature under femtosecond (fs) pulse ultraviolet (UV) light excitation. Both power-dependent photoluminescence spectra and time-resolved spectra were measured with varied excitation powers. Lasing phenomena occur at above 500 μJ/cm2 and the stimulated emission occurs with lifetime of less than 30 ps over 600 μJ/cm2. Additionally, the open-circuit photovoltage spectra indicate that the light-absorbing dye of RuL2(NCS)2 (N3) can be well adsorbed on the surface of ZnO sheets, which is useful for the dye-sensitized solar cells(DSSC).

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