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Upconversion emission of a novel glass ceramic containing Er3+: BaYF5 nano-crystals

Liu, Feng and Wang, Yuansheng and Chen, Daqin and Yu, Yunlong and Ma, En and Zhou, Lihua and Huang, Ping (2007) Upconversion emission of a novel glass ceramic containing Er3+: BaYF5 nano-crystals. Materials Letters, 61 (28). 5022 - 5025.

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In order to develop highly efficient upconversion (UC) material, Er3+-doped oxyfluoride glass ceramics containing BaYF5 nano-crystals were fabricated for the first time. The randomly distributed BaYF5 nano-particles with the size of nearly 25 nm precipitated from the glass matrix at about 700 °C, then tended to aggregate slightly with the increase of heating temperature, resulting in the enhancement of Er3+ UC emission in the wavelength ranging from 500 nm to 700 nm. The UC process was found very sensitive to Er3+ content: with the increase of Er3+ content from 0.5% to 1.0%, the UC intensity behaved with drastic exaltation; while further increasing Er3+ content to 2.0% resulted in a notable fluorescence quenching. Significantly, the UC efficiency of present glass ceramic preponderates notably over that of the previously reported glass ceramic containing LaF3, implying its superior UC potentiality.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Nanocomposites; Optical materials and properties; Glass ceramic
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