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Synthesis of nano-TiC powder using titanium gel precursor and carbon particles

Chandra, Navin and Sharma, Meenakshi and Singh, Deepesh Kumar and Amritphale, S.S. (2009) Synthesis of nano-TiC powder using titanium gel precursor and carbon particles. Materials Letters, 63 (12). 1051 - 1053.

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The paper presents a novel process for synthesis of nano-size titanium carbide by reaction between titanium bearing precursor gel and nano carbon particles derived from soot at different temperatures in the range of 1300–1580 °C for 2 h under argon cover. The HRTEM studies of TiC powder synthesized by heating at 1580 °C show the presence of cube shaped particles (~ 60–140 nm) and hollow rods (diameter ~ 30–185 nm). The average particle size of crystallites, calculated by Scherer equation is observed to be ~ 35 nm while the surface area–density measurements indicate it to be ~ 113 nm. The surface area decreases with increase in reaction temperature.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Titanium carbide; TiO2; Sol–gel preparation; Nanomaterials; Carbon soot
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