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Exploring the transferability of large supramolecular assemblies to the vacuum-solid interface

Xu, Wei and Dong, Mingdong and Gersen, Henkjan and Vázquez-Campos, Socorro and Bouju, Xavier and Lægsgaard, Erik and Stensgaard, Ivan and Crego-Calama, Mercedes and Reinhoudt, David N. and Linderoth, Trolle R. and Besenbacher, Flemming (2009) Exploring the transferability of large supramolecular assemblies to the vacuum-solid interface. Nano Research, 2 (7). pp. 535-542.


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We present an interplay of high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy imaging and the corresponding theoretical calculations based on elastic scattering quantum chemistry techniques of the adsorption of a gold-functionalized rosette assembly and its building blocks on a Au(111) surface with the goal of exploring how to fabricate functional 3-D molecular nanostructures on surfaces. The supramolecular rosette assembly stabilized by multiple hydrogen bonds has been sublimed onto the Au(111) surface under ultra-high vacuum conditions; the resulting surface nanostructures are distinctly different from those formed by the individual molecular building blocks of the rosette assembly, suggesting that the assembly itself can be transferred intact to the surface by in situ thermal sublimation. This unanticipated result will open up new perspectives for growth of complex 3-D supramolecular nanostructures at the vacuum-solid interface.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Self-assembly - surface nanostructures - scanning tunneling microscopy - supramolecular assembly - hydrogen bonding
Subjects:Material Science > Nanofabrication processes and tools
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