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Long-range ferromagnetic ordering at room temperature in Co+ implanted TiO2 nanorods

Dhara, S. and Wu, J. J. and Mangamma, G. and Bera, S. and Wu, C. T. and Magudapathy, P. and Yu, C. C. and Kamruddin, M. and Nair, K. G. M. and Tyagi, A. K. and Chen, L. C. and Chen, K. H. (2007) Long-range ferromagnetic ordering at room temperature in Co+ implanted TiO2 nanorods. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18 (32).

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Long-range ferromagnetic ordering at room temperature is reported for post-annealed TiO2 nanorods doped with Co2+ by an ion implantation technique. The catalyst free anatase TiO2 nanorods are grown normal to the substrate plane. A Curie temperature of similar to 320 K was recorded for a similar to 9 at.% Co doped sample. Electronic structural studies confirm the substitutional Co in the Ti lattice site. Microstructural studies show the presence of extended defects, where a minor nonuniformity in doping concentration helps to sustain the intrinsic ferromagnetic ordering in Co doped TiO2 at room temperature. The projected nanorod tip size is found to be smaller than a single magnetic domain, which may lead to an increased signal-to-noise ratio for magnetic recording.

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