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Control of ruthenium oxide nanorod length in reactive sputtering

Cross, Michael W. and Varhue, Walter J. and Hitt, Darren L. and Adams, Edward (2008) Control of ruthenium oxide nanorod length in reactive sputtering. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (4).

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Ruthenium oxide nanorods have been grown on Si wafer substrates under a variety of pre-existing surface conditions by reactive radio frequency sputtering in an electron cyclotron resonant plasma process. Nanorod formation by this method is fast relative to that observed in other processes reported in the literature, with nucleation being the rate determining step. Growth in the axial direction is limited by the availability of ruthenium precursors which competes with their consumption in the lateral growth of the nanorods. The availability of Ru precursors at the top of the nanorods can be controlled by surface diffusion and therefore substrate temperature. The ultimate length of the nanorods is determined by the mole fraction of oxygen used in the reactor ambient through the production of mobile Ru hyperoxide precursors. The results of this investigation show the way to develop a process for producing a high density field of nanorods with a specified length.

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