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Anomalous electrical transport behavior in nanocrystalline nickel

Okram, G. S. and Soni, Ajay and Rawat, R. (2008) Anomalous electrical transport behavior in nanocrystalline nickel. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (18).

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We have prepared nanocrystalline Ni (n-Ni) samples of grain sizes 40–100 nm using a polyol method and investigated the electrical transport on their compacted pellets in the temperature range 3–300 K. The resistivity, ρ, decreases nearly linearly with increase in compaction pressure but without a change in its slope, dρ/dT. ρ is anomalously large, and is strongly temperature and grain-size dependent. The resistivity at room temperature, ρ300 K, is in the range ~40–759 µΩ cm but with a positive coefficient of resistivity α (metallic). This is associated with the significantly enhanced dρ/dT with increase in residual resistivity ρ0. These characteristics are attributed to the disorder in the grain boundaries that represents effectively a series resistor network.

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