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Memory properties of a Ge nanoring MOS device fabricated by pulsed laser deposition

Ma, Xiying (2008) Memory properties of a Ge nanoring MOS device fabricated by pulsed laser deposition. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (27).

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The non-volatile charge-storage properties of memory devices with MOS structure based on Ge nanorings have been studied. The two-dimensional Ge nanorings were prepared on a p-Si(100) matrix by means of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) using the droplet technique combined with rapid annealing. Complete planar nanorings with well-defined sharp inner and outer edges were formed via an elastic self-transformation droplet process, which is probably driven by the lateral strain of the Ge/Si layers and the surface tension in the presence of Ar gas. The low leakage current was attributed to the small roughness and the few interface states in the planar Ge nanorings, and also to the effect of Coulomb blockade preventing injection. A significant threshold-voltage shift of 2.5 V was observed when an operating voltage of 8 V was implemented on the device.

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