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Orientations of overdamped magnetic nanorod-gyroscopes

Dhar, Prajnaparamita and Swayne, Cheryl D. and Fischer, Thomas M. and Kline, Timothy and Sen, Ayusman (2007) Orientations of overdamped magnetic nanorod-gyroscopes. NANO LETTERS, 7 (4). pp. 1010-1012.

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Overdamped magnetic nanorod-gyroscopes driven by a rotating magnetic field undergo a series of reorientations when sedimenting on top of a surface in a viscous liquid. By changing the amplitude and the rotation frequency of the driving magnetic field, the nanorod-gyroscope either synchronizes or desynchronizes with the field and rotates either around its long or short axis. The different regimes of motion are explained theoretically by coupling the nanorod-gyroscopes motion to the creeping flow equations of the surrounding fluid. It is shown that friction anisotropy plays an important role for the orientation of the nanorod-gyroscopes.

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