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Single-molecule Spectroscopy using nanoporous membranes

Chansin, Guillaume A. T. and Mulero, Rafael and Hong, Jonghin and Kim, Min Jun and deMello, Andrew J. and Edel, Joshua B. (2007) Single-molecule Spectroscopy using nanoporous membranes. NANO LETTERS, 7 (9). pp. 2901-2906.

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We describe a novel approach for optically detecting DNA translocation events through an array of solid-state nanopores that potentially allows for ultra high-throughput, parallel detection at the single-molecule level. The approach functions by electrokinetically driving DNA strands through sub micrometer-sized holes on an aluminum/silicon nitride membrane. During the translocation process, the molecules are confined to the walls of the nanofluidic channels, allowing 100% detection efficiency. Importantly, the opaque aluminum layer acts as an optical barrier between the illuminated region and the analyte reservoir. In these conditions, high-contrast imaging of single-molecule events can be performed. To demonstrate the efficiency of the approach, a 10 pM fluorescently labeled λ-DNA solution was used as a model system to detect simultaneous translocation events using electron multiplying CCD imaging. Single-pore translocation events are also successfully detected using single-point confocal spectroscopy.

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