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An Au/Si hetero-nanorod-based biosensor for Salmonella detection

Fu, Junxue and Park, Bosoon and Siragusa, Greg and Jones, Les and Tripp, Ralph and Zhao, Yiping and Cho, Yong-Jin (2008) An Au/Si hetero-nanorod-based biosensor for Salmonella detection. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (15).

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We present a novel and effective food-borne bacteria detection method. A hetero-structured silicon/gold nanorod array fabricated by the glancing angle deposition method is functionalized with anti-Salmonella antibodies and organic dye molecules. Due to the high aspect ratio nature of the Si nanorods, dye molecules attached to the Si nanorods produce an enhanced fluorescence upon capture and detection of Salmonella. This bio-functional hetero-nanorod detection method has great potential in the food safety industry as well as in biomedical diagnostics.

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