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Local magnetic properties of a monolayer of Mn-12 single molecule magnets

Salman, Z. and Chow, K. H. and Miller, R. I. and Morello, A. and Parolin, T. J. and Hossain, M. D. and Keeler, T. A. and Levy, C. D. P. and MacFarlane, W. A. and Morris, G. D. and Saadaoui, H. and Wang, D. and Sessoli, R. and Condorelli, G. G. and Kiefl, R. F. (2007) Local magnetic properties of a monolayer of Mn-12 single molecule magnets. NANO LETTERS, 7 (6). pp. 1551-1555.

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The magnetic properties of a monolayer of Mn12 single molecule magnets grafted onto a silicon (Si) substrate have been investigated using depth-controlled beta-detected nuclear magnetic resonance. A low-energy beam of spin-polarized radioactive 8Li was used to probe the local static magnetic field distribution near the Mn12 monolayer in the Si substrate. The resonance line width varies strongly as a function of implantation depth as a result of the magnetic dipolar fields generated by the Mn12 electronic magnetic moments. The temperature dependence of the line width indicates that the magnetic properties of the Mn12 moments in this low-dimensional configuration differ from bulk Mn12.

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