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Hybrid white light sources based on layer-by-layer assembly of nanocrystals on near-UV emitting diodes

Nizamoglu, Sedat and Demir, Hilmi Volkan (2007) Hybrid white light sources based on layer-by-layer assembly of nanocrystals on near-UV emitting diodes. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18 (40).

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We present the design, growth, fabrication, integration and characterization of alternative hybrid white light sources based on the controlled layer-by-layer assembly of nanocrystals on UV-emitting nitride diodes for adjustable white light parameters. We hybridize CdSe/ZnS core-shell nanocrystals of different sizes (1.9-3.2- 5.2 nm) on InGaN/GaN LEDs as a near-UV excitation source at 383 nm for efficient pumping. The first device includes layer-by-layer assembly of dichromatic cyan-and red-emitting nanocrystals (lambda(PL) = 504 - 615 nm) leading to the tristimulus coordinates ( x = 0.37, y = 0.46); the second device uses the trichromatic combination of layer-by-layer hybridized cyan-, yellow- and red-emitting nanocrystals (lambda(PL) = 504 - 580 - 615 nm), yielding ( x = 0.38, y = 0.48). Such layer-by-layer hybridization offers the advantages of precisely controlling individual nanocrystal film thicknesses and order in addition to concentrations. By utilizing such multiple combinations of nanocrystals in the assembly, the light parameters are well controlled and adjusted. Leveraging rapidly advancing UV technology into efficient lighting with nanocrystal based color conversion, it is critical to develop and demonstrate hybrid light sources on UV pumping platforms.

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