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Complex growth of NanoAu on BN nanomeshes supported by Ru(0001)

Goriachko, A. and He, Y. B. and Over, H. (2008) Complex growth of NanoAu on BN nanomeshes supported by Ru(0001). JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 112 (22). pp. 8147-8152.

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Detailed scanning tunneling microscopy measurements reveal the complex interaction of Au with a h-BN nanomesh on Ru(0001). The h-BN overlayer on Ru(0001) consists essentially of a hexagonal lattice of 2 nm wide pores with an in-plane lattice constant of 3.25 nm. The h-BN nanomesh can be regarded as a highly regular network of trapping sites in which Au particles have shown to condense exclusively with a narrow size distribution, thus forming well-suited Au model catalysts. At higher Au coverages two-dimensional metal islands are formed on as well as under the h-BN nanomesh depending on the deposition and annealing procedure. Au atoms can penetrate through defects in the h-BN nanomesh (most notably at step edges) in between the h-BN nanomesh and the Ru(0001) substrate at higher temperatures (activates process). Multi layers of Au form a continuous film between Ru(0001) and h-BN after annealing to 1050 K, thereby lifting the nanostructuring of the h-BN layer due to the weak interaction of h-BN with Au.

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