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Generation of di-lithiated peptide ions from multiply protonated peptides via ion/ion reactions

Hodges, Brittany D. M. and Liang, Xiaorong and McLuckey, Scott A. (2007) Generation of di-lithiated peptide ions from multiply protonated peptides via ion/ion reactions. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 267 (1-3). 183 - 189.

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Gas phase conversion of multiply protonated peptides to alkali di-metalated peptide ions via ion/ion reactions is demonstrated as an alternative strategy to forming alkali di-metalated ions from solution. Previously, alkali di-metalated peptide ions have been generated by direct electrospray (ESI) of solutions that contain both peptides and a salt of the metal of interest. Here, di-lithiated peptides are generated in the gas-phase via ion/ion reactions of multiply charged protonated peptides with metal containing anions (Metal2L3−) where lithium is the metal, and L is a singly charged anionic ligand. Fragmentation spectra of a series of di-lithiated model peptide ions [Pep-H + 2Metal]+ formed via ion/ion reactions are compared with fragmentation of ions of the same molecular formula formed directly from nano-electrospray ionization (nano-ESI) of solutions that contain metal salts and peptides. Di-lithiated ions formed in the gas phase fragment in a similar manner to those formed directly from nano-ESI of a solution containing metal salt and peptide. Low energy beam type collisionally induced dissociation (CID) is also demonstrated as a tool to form the ion of interest from an intermediate complex that is formed during an ion/ion reaction.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Ion/ion reaction; Gas phase ion synthesis; Di-lithiated peptide; MS/MS; Dual nano-electrospray ionization
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