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An Overview of the Quadra Nano by Tomtec

Astle, Thomas W. (2005) An Overview of the Quadra Nano by Tomtec. Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation, 10 (3). 167 - 171.

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The advancement of technology in life science has created a need for improved accuracy and precision in pipetting small volumes1 from 50 nL up to and above 10 μL. Tomtec has adapted ink-jet technology2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to meet this need in their Nano pipettor heads. A coefficient of variation (CV) of 5% is achievable at 50-nL volumes, improving to 1–2% at 1 μL and above. A pipettor must aspirate from a source and dispense to a destination, then repeat the process without detectable carryover. The Nano head 8 and Nano head 16 achieve this utilizing a novel standpipe design that permits a fast wash through of the liquid handling channels. Each pipettor may be individually controlled, creating another dimension in pipetting flexibility.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:ink-jet; pipetting; laboratory automation; Quadra; Tomtec
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