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Development of a non-viral multifunctional envelope-type nano device by a novel lipid film hydration method

Kogure, Kentaro and Moriguchi, Rumiko and Sasaki, Kentaro and Ueno, Masaharu and Futaki, Shiroh and Harashima, Hideyoshi (2004) Development of a non-viral multifunctional envelope-type nano device by a novel lipid film hydration method. Journal of Controlled Release, 98 (2). 317 - 323.

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The previous termdevelopment of a multifunctional envelope-type nano devicenext term (MEND) for use in previous terma non-viralnext term gene delivery system using previous terma novel lipid film hydration methodnext term is described. This packaging previous termmethodnext term involves three steps: (i) DNA condensation with previous termanext term polycation, (ii) previous termlipid film hydrationnext term for the electrostatic binding of the condensed DNA, and (iii) sonication to package the condensed DNA with previous term For DNA condensation, the optimum ratio of DNA to poly-Image -lysine (PLL) was determined by titrating DNA and PLL. The condensed DNA/PLL complex (DPC) was coated with previous terma lipidnext term bilayer by previous termlipid film hydrationnext term followed by sonication, which was confirmed by sucrose density gradient centrifugation. Packaging of DPC with previous termlipidsnext term increased the transfection activity 10-fold over that of DPC. MEND, having octaarginine on the previous termenvelope as a devicenext term for membrane penetration to enhance cellular uptake, showed previous termanext term 1000-fold higher transfection activity than DPC. The MEND developed in this study represents previous termanext term promising previous termnon-viralnext term gene delivery system.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Non-viral vector; Multifunctional envelope-type nano device; Lipid film hydration; Stearyl octaarginine
Subjects:Biomedical Science > Nanomedicine
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