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Disposable chromatography for a high-throughput nano-ESI/MS and nano-ESI/MS-MS platform

Williams, Jason G. and Tomer, Kenneth B. (2004) Disposable chromatography for a high-throughput nano-ESI/MS and nano-ESI/MS-MS platform. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 15 (9). 1333 - 1340.

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High-throughput proteomics has typically relied on protein identification based on MALDI-MS peptide maps of proteolytic digests of 2D-gel-separated proteins. This technique, however, requires significant sequence coverage in order to achieve a high level of confidence in the identification. Tandem MS data have the advantage of requiring fewer peptides (2) for high confidence identification, assuming adequate MS/MS sequence coverage. MALDI-MS/MS techniques are becoming available, but can still be problematic because of the difficulty of inducing fragment ions of a singly charged parent ion. Electrospray ionization, however, has the advantage of generating multiply charged species that are more readily fragmented during MS/MS analysis. Two electrospray/tandem mass spectrometry-based approaches, nanovial-ESI-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS, are used for high throughput proteomics, but much less often than MALDI-MS and peptide mass fingerprinting. Nanovial introduction entails extensive manual manipulation and often shows significant chemical background from the in-gel digest. LC-MS has the advantages that the chemical background can be removed prior to analysis and the analytes are concentrated during the separation, resulting in more abundant analyte signals. On the other hand, LC-MS can often be time intensive. Here, we report the incorporation of on-line sample clean-up and analyte concentration with a high-throughput, chip-based, robotic nano-ESI-MS platform for proteomics studies.

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